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Mobile Website Marketing

Mobile Marketing is no longer an option

More and more people are using their mobile to make purchasing decisions and having a mobile website is a must. Many people are looking for information using their mobiles and statistics show that if they visit a website that is not mobile optimized, they exit and never visit again. As Google mentioned in one of their latest surveys about mobile: mobile marketing isn’t an option but it’s an imperative for every business.

Mobile Markets

There are more than 1.5 billion active mobile users and more than 2 million application downloads per day from mobile markets . In simple terms this means that there is a huge number of online users who are using their mobile phones to look for information (apps, games, magazines, books etc.) in the different mobile markets. The numbers are too big you just can’t ignore them.

What are the benefits from creating a native mobile app for your business or website?

• More visits to your mobile friendly web site and desktop site.
• More sales (if you are selling a product)
• More direct visits
• Brand awareness
• Additional revenue from advertising (if you choose to run ads on your native app)
• Additional revenue from selling the app (if you choose to sell the app)
• More subscribers
• More social followers

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