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20:47:41 10/12/2018
Social media for local businesses

Avoid wasting effort and money by identifying the right social platforms for your business's clientele. Maximize the return on your investment:

- Consider the most popular social media sites.
- Bear in mind that Google Plus has gone through a major overhaul and is currently being promoted as a purely social, rather than local, platform.
- Try these tips for identifying which social platforms are already popular with your customer base.
- Designate a person or persons on your staff whose regular duty it is to monitor and participate on your chosen sites. Don't let profiles stagnate.
- 99% of your job as a social media participant is to help others, not to sell to them. Work to identify opportunities to be helpful, whether that's answering a question, offering a resource, or brightening a day for somebody.
- Know that social media can be a hit-and-miss experience for any business. You will likely try several platforms and strategies before finding a niche that works for you. Get inspired by the success stories of others.

CH Web Media
20:46:05 10/12/2018
Getting local content right

Content is an important part of any SEO effort, so make sure you're not tripping yourself up with thin or duplicate content. Here's a list of common content mistakes followed by a checklist of ways to increase the local SEO impact of your content.

Content mistakes to avoid
1. Don't scrape content from other websites, even from the websites of manufacturers or authorities, unless you are publishing an attributed quote within your own, unique content.

2. If you offer the same services or products in multiple cities, think carefully about attempting to create a unique page for every possible city/keyword combination. Only embark on this plan if you know you have sufficient resources of time, money, and talent to create truly high-quality pages for each combination. Avoid publishing thin or useless pages. If you know you don't have the resources, it's better to go with just a strong page for each city and a strong page for each service, rather than creating lots of thin or duplicate city/keyword combo pages. See this complete resource on developing city landing pages.

3. Think long and hard before deciding to take a multi-website approach, even if your company offers multiple services or has multiple offices. Numerous experts agree that it is almost always better to build a single, powerhouse website that promotes your brand and all of its services and branches rather than dividing up time, funding and talent between multiple websites. For more on this, see this community discussion.

Ways to create unique, user-, and search-friendly content

- Utilize testimonials from customers in your service cities to make your city landing pages unique.
- Use unique testimonials from customers who have used specific products or services for related product and service pages.
- Build an on-site blog to continue to develop your library of content once your basic, static web pages have been built. Freshness can help you rank for an ever-growing number of terms that relate to your business.
- Videos and images are page content, too. Use appropriate tags to label them in real text and consider writing out transcriptions.
- Offer city-, service-, or product-specific specials, schedules, or calendars to differentiate what you do in one location vs. another. For example, a schedule of yoga classes at one branch vs. another or a special on tree trimming that rotates from one service city to another, ensuring unique, interesting content on different pages.
- Include bios of different staff at different locations to introduce customers to the people who will be serving them.
- Sponsor events, teams, or organizations in different cities and write about those sponsorships.
- Host or participate in events in different cities as an opportunity for unique content.
- Interview experts within or outside of your company to create city- or product-specific content.
- Offer tips that apply to specific geographic or demographic audiences.

CH Web Media
05:49:10 15/03/2017
Mobile website has becoming more critical to internet marketing. If you haven't made your website mobile-friendly, you should. The majority of users coming to your site are likely to be using a mobile device.

Contact CH Web Media at https://chwebmedia.com to see how we can help you get started.
Google's Guide for Mobile-Friendly Websites

CH Web Media
05:29:27 13/03/2017

CH Web Media
08:40:32 08/03/2017
Mobile Website is not just responsive but an entirely different look and structure of template that shows on your mobile devices. I recently have a client requesting me to learn to design one because he has a big vision for his business expansion - he wants to go big! So there we go...I will be learning how to design mobile websites that improve mobile user experience with easy navigation and improve your site ranking.

Which one do you like your site to look on your mobile phone?

CH Web Media
08:38:51 08/03/2017

Separate Mobile Website

The mobile version is a totally independent website with another URL, mostly using the subdomain "m.". Using some Joomla extensions it is possible to use your existing content to create a separate mobile version.

The top internet brands like Google, Facebook and Yahoo use separate mobile solutions - quite simply, for the speed. It has been found out in studies that the average mobile user is only willing to wait a maximum of four seconds for content to load on their devices.

Most of those sites would perform 100-400% faster on mobile by using a separate mobile solution.

CH Web Media
08:31:08 08/03/2017
Designing a marketing website is a skill to learn for life but for those who are tight with budget, there are always ways to learn SEO with less budget...

5 Insanely Effective Steps to Market Your Website with No Budget
A little while back one of my clients asked me about increasing the business that comes through their website. Naturally I asked, “How much of your marketing budget are you allocating to online marketing?”. I kind of expected them to say zero, but what I didn’t expect was that they didn’t have a marketing budget …

CH Web Media
01:12:24 23/02/2017
My client, Elaine Chen, is having a new startup business called "Elaine's Eyebrows" for eyebrow shapping, lash perm, full face thread, and microblading. For those who are looking to get your eyebrows shaped permanently with low maintenance, she is the girl!

Her site is full of colorful look and feel - mainly stay with purple and white. The site is still working progress...

Stay tune!

CH Web Media
01:09:03 23/02/2017
Working on the Auto Body Car Detailing service in San Francisco specialize in Luxury and Exotic Car detailing.

It comes with classy slides at the top of each page, clean look and feel, easy to navigate, and elegant appeal to the pop up contact form. Better yet, it's built in SEO friendly ready to go once the site is done!

Stay tune!

CH Web Media
01:44:47 03/02/2017
Checked today's ranking in Google search. Typed "East bay web design services"...CH Web Media is located on the 1st page of Google in 3 weeks!!!!

CH Web Media
01:29:10 03/02/2017
Got 2 breakthroughs in SEO after 3 weeks of hard work!!

- Structure data markup
- Create Rich Snippet

If you want to promote "local business", these will improve your ranking tremendously.

CH Web Media
01:26:36 03/02/2017
Beautiful Joomla websites that create lasting impression. Simple to navigate that make visitors stay longer. Responsive to mobile and tablets...
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